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  • What is the cost of using Swift Move?

    You pay absolutely no fees or extra charges for our Guaranteed Cash Sale, our offer is inclusive of everything. If you choose for us to organise your Sale, you will receive the agreed amount in your bank on completion with no deductions. We also cover your legal costs.

  • Why should I use Swift Move?

    There are many benefits to using our service, rather than that of a traditional estate agent or any online estate agency. The key benefits are:

    • The price we agree on is the price you receive.
    • We’re able to complete your property sale quicker. We can buy your house in as little as 7 days.
    • We cover all your legal costs. Through our independent panel of conveyancers.
  • What if I change my mind about the price I need to sell at?

    We are always open to discussing the agreed sale price. We’re committed to getting you the best possible deal for your property – meaning a fast sale at a price you’re comfortable and happy with.

  • Are there any hidden charges?

    There are absolutely no hidden charges. We also pay your legal fees for the sale of your property.

  • How quickly can I get the cash?

    Depending on the solution you choose, you can get your cash as quickly as 7 days after you accept our offer. Unlike other property buyers, we have access to significant and diverse funding, which means if we tell you we will buy your property, we will always come through.

  • Can I use my own solicitor when selling my property?

    Yes, you can absolutely use your own solicitor when you sell your property and we’ll happily work alongside them.
    However, using your own solicitor means you’ll have to pay their fees. We would advise that you use one of our panel solicitors as this will help ensure a smooth sale with no extra costs.

  • Why do people use quick house sale companies?

    We’re often used by people who want a quick, guaranteed and hassle-free sale. There are plenty of reasons why someone may come to us, including:

    • A property chain has collapsed.
    • To split an estate after a divorce.
    • The current owner needs to relocate for work.
    • To help ease financial difficulties.
    • To escape from the traditional, often frustrating process.
  • Can I sell my house if I have arrears on my mortgage?

    Yes, you can sell your house to us regardless of any arrears on your mortgage. By arranging a quick sale of the property, any impending action can be stopped if there is enough equity in the property.
    Our team have an abundance of knowledge in repossession proceedings and may be able to help before it is too late.

  • What’s the maximum I can sell my house for?

    There is no maximum on the amount you can sell your house for, it depends on what the market value indicates.
    However, we’re open about the fact that our offers will be slightly below market price, but in return we will deliver a quick and hassle-free alternative to your property sale.
    We also have other innovative sale options that may just get you a little more money.

  • Can I sell if my property is already currently listed?

    If you want to pursue a sale with us, you would be asked to cancel any existing listings or sales agreements that you have with other estate agents.

  • Can you stop repossession?

    Yes, the purchase of your property can help stop repossession, even up to the last minute.
    Our teams have the experience and the expertise to advise and act on repossession scenarios with your permission.

  • I Have Been Warned Against Cash Buyers, Why Should I Trust You?

    We understand that some of our competitors have previously abused some of the parties they have worked with and have left home owners feeling robbed. Swift Move is a reputable cash buying company and promise that our valuations, purchase process, agreements and policies are fair and transparent. You are under no way pressured to accept our cash offer or offer to organise your sale.

  • I have a tenant in my property, will you still buy it?


  • Will My Final Offer Change?

    We will never change your offer last minute for our own benefit. Unfortunately, sometimes unexpected issues become apparent after the house survey and the property’s value is reduced. We advise you to tell us about any issues and details about your property – this way you can get a realistic cash offer and sales options and sell your property quickly.

  • Who Is Buying My Home?

    Swift Move is purchasing your property. We are genuine cash buyers and can pay for your home with our own funds. Get in touch with us to receive your no-obligation cash offer find out more about our sales options.

  • My property is in poor condition, will you still buy it?

    Yes! No matter the condition of the property we will buy it. We will buy properties with squatters, Japanese knotweed, structural problems and damage, and the list goes on. We know that it is difficult to keep up financially and time-wise with the demands of home ownership and will always be caring and empathetic as we discuss your property and any potential issues it may have.

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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